Sticky Sculptures

Sticky Sculptures is a creative research project in collaboration with Natural Resources Wales and Bangor University’s BioComposites Centre, supported by an Arts Council of Wales grant. Based on site-research at the Anglesey fens, I will be exploring the material and ecological value of peatlands, Wales’ most effective carbon sinks. 

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Working primarily in sculpture, I’m drawn to explore how the relationship between a sculptural object and its site could become ‘stickier’ - in a tactile, material sense, but also in terms of conceptual, associative entanglements.

Amid the research and the play in the viscous ground of the Anglesey Fens, the project will be punctuated by an exhibition at Oriel Brondanw, July – August, 2023; a sculptural presentation with NRW at the Llŷn ac Eifionydd National Eisteddfod, 5 – 12 August, 2023; and an installation of sculpture and connected events at Cors Bodeilio National Nature Reserve, August – September, 2023.

Join me as I roll up my sleeves…

Here, I'm sourcing a peat sample with Dr Peter Jones, NRW's Lead Specialist Advisor into Peatlands. For more information about the project within the context of NRW's Peatland Action Programme, have a look at their recent article.

And if you prefer a Podcast, I've been discussing the background and progress of the project with Hanna Huws (from NRW's Peatland Action Programme) and Matthew Jones (NRW's Communications Officer). It is available both in English and Welsh.

More soon! Thank you for sticking with me.