Under Pressure

Moelfre limestone and upcycled aluminium

700 x 160 x 120cm

This large sculpture is based on a smaller model used as part of a performative investigation at the peat fens of Anglesey. Extracted from a nearby quarry at Moelfre, this limestone runs right beneath the fens, creating their distinct calcareous habitat. Here, each boulder weighs 2.5 - 3 tonnes each. Through playfully disrupting the picturesque environment with this weight, we are reminded of the burden we inflict on landscapes through our actions. Against the backdrop of Snowdonia, it is a particular callout on adventure tourism which dominates the area, highlighting its impact both culturally and ecologically.
It was installed as part of Wetland Dreams at Oriel Brondanw, an exhibition supported by Arts Council Wales and Natural Resources Wales in summer 2023. 

On the 19th August 2023 the dancer Faye Tan, NDCWales responded to the sculpture through performance.