The Speaker (What are you incinerating?), 2023

Steel bin, Menai seashells, soundpiece 

90 x 50 x 50cm

A piece which echoes the lost seascape that lay before Brondanw in the area of Traeth Mawr. The land was taken up for agriculture when the Cob embankment was built by Madocks in 1811, but a series of islands are still present on OS maps. In prehistory, these islands supported communities intimately connected to the sea, with rich areas of saltmarsh and peat mires along their shorelines – perfect for fishing, hunting and shellfish harvesting. In the face of rising sea levels, it is likely this will become a seascape once more.

It was installed as part of Wetland Dreams at Oriel Brondanw, an exhibition supported by Arts Council Wales and Natural Resources Wales in summer 2023.