Arwydd arall (Another sign), 2023

Series of roadsigns: steel frames and prints on aluminium

70 x 61 x 45cm

In this series of signs, short poems in strict meter form (cynghanedd) reflect on the wetlands of North Wales and our relationship to the materiality of these landscapes. They use the brown colour typical of tourist signs dotted throughout rural environments, and use a combination of Welsh and English. The curves in the lines of text resemble landforms or geological strata.

“Cynghanedd, an oral tradition whose rigid strictures enable a uniquely melodic poetics, is an apt medium for an artist who consistently probes the capacity of existing material (whether sculptural, linguistic, or both at once) for propositional, speculative, even fantastical ends: a mode of eco-inclined sculpture both refreshingly undidactic and distinctly contemporary.

Dylan Huw for Artforum