A new series of works supported by an ACW Project Grant

This body of work, made over the past six months, explores contemporary attitudes towards landscape, particularly scrutinising projected notions of ‘leisure’ and ‘escape’ often attached to sites.

Geological, ecological and mythological narratives are interwoven with the language and physicality of adventure tourism, creating a playful body of work that blurs the line between viewer and object.

Hold On, 2021
Mirror series with 3D printed holds made from
100% recycled marine nylon (old fishing nets) 

Ana, 2021
Graphite and spray paint on cartridge paper
150 x 65 cm

A large-scale drawing depicting an imaginary monolith of Coedana Granite, one of Anglesey’s oldest Pre-Cambrian rocks. The fine graphite marks are contrasted with bold, spontaneous strokes of ‘graffiti’ which animates the rock and gives her personality.

This is one in a series of drawings, each featuring a different geological marker specific to Wales.

Hermit Collective, 2021
Series of 3D printed models (currently in production)
approx. 20 x 15 x 15cm 

Egino, 2021
Stills from a collaborative film with Ani Glass
(work in progress)

Angie, 2021
Proposal for outdoor installation with engraved limestone monolith
and polished stainless steel frame

(Also a stage for a live performance)